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working with a leading uk brand to deliver change initiatives for future growth

GNM and Touchpoint

Our brief

With the global decline in print sales impacting all media companies it was important that digital sales were the focus for the business, as well as looking to operationally improve how the business managed their global print subscriptions business end to end.  Revenue across the business was down and a dynamic change and transformation programme was needed.  New technology, new processes and a new way of reaching and servicing the customer was needed.

building for the future

To deliver the programme the decision was taken to introduce a new tech stack that allowed for total flexibility in the selling and management of subscriptions across the business.  From digital to global monthly print runs the process needed to be centralised, rationalised and made to scale.

Selecting the right solution

Our role was to provide the leadership and technical guidance to deliver an integrated suite of tools and solutions that enabled this transformation.  From Salesforce CRM to Zuora global subscriptions and integration capability to allow solutions to interact and suppliers and fulfilment partner integrations that needed to be joined up.  After 24 months we have happily seen that the initiatives we launched have seen GNM move to an operating profit and realise the benefits of leveraging the right technology for their business.


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