we work with our customers to define the right solution for their business

We are focussed on ensuring that products we deliver are the right fit for your business, your customers and your objectives. benifits focussed deliverables that drive real value and real change.


We have worked on some of the most innovative CRM implementations and our customers have worked with us to define a solution that not only works for their sales teams but allow them to integrate and scale within their existing technical landscape.

Building an online presence

We don’t believe that one size fits all, and our approach is to align with leading technologies to deliver the right solution for the customer.  We have a team who are experienced in front and back end technologies that work.


Building for the future

As a company we have experience delivering ERP, eCommerce, CRM and CMS solutions for our customers as well as bespoke products that are designed to disrupt or enhance our customers market.



With the global market moving toward and embracing and moving more and more of their business to a subscription model we have proudly delivered enterprise and global solutions for our customers that have helped them with customer engagement and ultimately seen revenues increase.


Amazon web Services

We are proud AWS partners and have been working with AWS for over 12 years.  Our solutions are built with scale and future proofing in mind and we see no better partner than Amazon to support our hosting and security.  Protecting your customers and your business is imperative – this is why we work with Amazon.



With some of the largest eCommerce websites in the UK delivered by ROKi our customers are assured of scaleable, robust, slick and optimised eCommerce solutions.  We are a Magento partner and have delivered eCommerce websites that integrate with multiple suppliers, ERP, CRM and 24/7 support.


Case StudIES

Driving effective product development with outsourced teams

ROKi delivered an effective and scaleable outsourced development model for one of it’s UK fintech customers which saw then launch innovative and creative features to market and gain overall market share.

global subscriptions model for a leading media company

We’ve worked with a number of leading brands in the UK over the last 3 years to support business change with the introduction of subscriptions services.  New technology to secure longer term growth and transform the business.

deliverING a new aws services platform to support growth

As an AWS partner we were approach by a leading data services company to undertake a project that would transform their infrastructure and to unlock new features, scale and operational efficiencies.


In these crazy times we appreciate meeting face to face isn’t going to happen, but let’s arrange a virtual call and coffee to discuss your business and how we could help.