Truly collaberative outsoured partnership where high quality, innovative and effective meets value.

Innovative Teams

Our model is about ensuring we offer innovative, consultative and leadership qualities throughout a team.  We do not focus on finding just the right skill set but the right person to support your business, your technology and your products.

Scale when needed

We offer scale for our customers, with teams from 1-70 and a flexible model that grows or shrinks as needed.  From fully flexible draw downs or development retainers to fully utilised, dedicated teams.  We recognise that customers need flexibility and we offer a range of solutions to work for you.

One team fully aligned

We believe in true collaboration and becoming an extension of your business, teams that are aligned with your vision and strategy.  We are challenging the model of outsourcing by ensuring that we offer not just a high quality resources but act as a partner, providing input into strategy where needed and adding our experience to your technology team.

Fully Managed

Customers can either mange their teams with us supporting in the background or we fully manage the team and make sure performance is always high and the team delivers against objectives.  Ensuring we are consistently performing at the highest level, providing quality products and services and driving processes that support your business.

End to end

We offer a full end to end range of flexible solutions, including ongoing maintenance, support and operational management.  We have dev ops capability either within the team or via dedicated resources and have certified AWS and Azure resources who can manage your estate.

Cost Effective

Customers scaling with us realise benefits very quickly.  From a simple cost effective model that helps them control and reduce overall tech spend, reducing management overhead and recruitment costs to customers who need capability to deliver large projects and don’t want to go to market to build an in-house team.